Student Testimonials

“Northeast Technical Institute is an excellent school. I love everyone there and they stand behind you. My thanks to all the staff and trainers, they were awesome.”
– Kathleen Sangillo Sawyer, CDL A Graduate

“Thanks to Northeast, four weeks into the program I received four job offers! It was great to have companies knocking at my door instead of me begging for a job.”
– John Forgione, CDL A Graduate

“If you truly want to pursue driving, than NTI is where you need to go. I’m 40 years old and hard to impress, but this course and the instructors impressed me from day one. It’s money well spent.”
– Steven Barszcz

“Since completing my training at NTI, I have virtually doubled my weekly income, and above all else, I love what I’m doing and you just can’t put a price tag on that. Thank you NTI.”
– Steven Gauck, CDL A Graduate

“Northeast Technical Institute is simply an outstanding place to learn. I recommend NTI to anyone who is serious about changing their life. Thanks for being there, NTI!”
– Ronald Nickerson, Jr., CDL A Graduate

“I just got the job and there’s no way it would have been possible without NTI! I checked out all the schools and found only Northeast offered the training, experience and job placement that I needed. Thanks NTI.”
– Connie Thibeault, CDL A Graduate

“Their entire staff really took an interest in me. I never felt like just a number, and the instructors were so professional and caring. And when it came down to applying for jobs, I had 7 job offers within 24 hours! I chose Werner Enterprises and I’m doing very well.”
– Karen Brown, CDL A Graduate

“I started with Proline after graduation and three years later, I own my truck, a beautiful Kenworth. I make over $2000.00 a week and I just love being my own boss. And I owe it all to NTI for helping me get my start with the very best training and placement in the training industry.”
– Betsy R. Carter, CDL A Graduate

“I just finished the CDL A Driver’s Training through NTI in Bangor, ME and successfully completed the state test. The training experience was an enjoyable learning experience and obviously, I learned a lot.”

“When it came time to take the State Test, the instructor was at the testing site the entire time, instilling confidence, in a calming and reassuring manner, saying he knew we could do it. He ran through the course, where the problems could be and what to do. The instructor was constantly relaying his knowledge and experience, helping the students and dealing with each at their level. His approach was very hands on and I liked that. I will be relaying my experiences to friends, collogues and others looking toward a CDL A.”
– Bruce White, CDL A Graduate

“What an experience this was. The instructors were real patient and willing to make more time for you and work with you one on one. They made me feel so comfortable at Northeast Tech. I will tell everyone about NTI and that they should go there for the experience of a lifetime!”
– David Gallagher, CDL A Graduate

Company Testimonials

“We have an urgent need to add new drivers to our company. We have a long and successful relationship with NTI which supplies our fleet with qualified, safety conscious, and dedicated employees. That is why we are asking for your help – we need more of your graduates!”
– Gary Richardson, Director of Recruiting, H.O. Wolding

“NTI prepares students better than any other school I have seen in New England. I’ve been a trainer for over 11 years and the best students I have seen are from NTI. It just doesn’t get any better than Northeast Tech.”
– Roger Grant, Recruiter, Swift Transport

“There is a large need for safe, quality drivers at Roehl, and industry wide. As time goes on, we will have even a more difficult time finding good drivers. We look to NTI to fill some of those needs and to continue to provide us with a consistent flow of drivers in the Northeast region.”
– Wendy Bartz, Driver Employment Assistant Manager, Roehl Transport

“We value our relationship with NTI and the safe, qualified drivers you train. In fact, Covenant Transport has the capacity to hire as many graduates as you can supply us with.”
– John Cooper, Recruiter, Covenant Transport

“I don’t think there’s a better school in the entire United States than NTI. No other school prepares drivers as well as they do.”
– Peter Baldwin, Recruiter, Werner Enterprises

“The dedication of your staff is evident in the drivers who successfully complete your course. The professionalism of your drivers will keep us coming back for more!”
– Pete DeStasio, Recruiter, Schneider National

“A large part of our success is our ability to attract quality drivers. NTI has played a large part in this area and we look forward to hiring many more of your drivers.”
– Jerry Blankenship, Recruiter, CR England, Inc.